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Indie and Retro

Feb 18, 2020

Links to the indie games I talk about:

Alone With You 

Still There 

Journey to the Savage Planet 

And a word from Nick:

 Metroid Prime is a terrific game... but it was not made without a cost. Join your Indie and Retro hosts on a wild journey of crunch, excess, and neglect. Hear how a new studio got handed the reins to one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, dropped the ball big time, then picked it up and ran for a last-second touchdown.  We also start a listener mailbag in this, the second year(!) of the podcast, and the indie games this week? They didn’t copy Metroid Prime, but they definitely get you in the same MOOD. What gems will Mumbles unearth this week? Only one way to find out!