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Indie and Retro

May 6, 2019

Welcome to part 2! We discuss the history and development of the Harvest Moon games. I also give my take on Story of Seasons, as well as the most recent HM games!

From Nick:

Welcome to Harvest Moon: Part 2, a.k.a. the retro half of the Indie and Retro Podcast!

Harvest Moon will always be remembered as “the farming game,” but that – to creator Yasuhiro Wada – was always just the part of it to break up all the friend-making and animal raising. What can you do in a game besides fight and kill? Well, you can nurture. You can love. You can… brush a cow.

This series has gone on for over 20 years, over 20 games, multiple developers and publishers, and one major name change, and it’s still going. It’s because these games cater to our human instincts and don’t just appeal to the 90’s definition of a “gamer.” Harvest Moon is zen, it’s earnest, and it’s nice.

Not many people have the energy, patience, or resources to raise a farm of their own in real life, but video games have always been a way to escape our reality, and Harvest Moon is a wonderful world to get lost in. Join us on a journey through the complete history of the series (so far!), and learn about what makes Harvest Moon special.