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Indie and Retro

Dec 7, 2020

Indie games I mention:


Amazing Cultivation Simulator 

I am Dead 

And, yes I did research to see that the Cowboy Bebop fight scene was animated by the same dude. 

Now a word from Nick:

Prince of Persia was made pretty much by one man: movie loving Yale graduate Jordan Mechner. He wasn’t great at animation, so he used rotoscoping. He wasn’t developing for a console with a lot of memory, so his enemies had to be very efficiently programmed. There were a lot of constraints, and he worked around them to make a franchise that - at first - wasn’t that successful. The thing is, it looked so advanced compared to everything else on the market, and it’s now considered a classic. Join us, and also learn about some indie games that you might like even if you don’t care about Prince of Persia even a little bit!