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Indie and Retro

Sep 3, 2019

After the first few Donkey Kong games made literally boatloads of money, the titular ape didn’t always get the respect he deserved. Sure, there were bright spots (Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong ‘94, Diddy Kong Racing), but there were also entire series you’ve probably barely even heard of, let alone played....

Aug 26, 2019

Jul 22, 2019

Animal Crossing! What a nice game for all to enjoy. We have some memories to share, some indie games and some OPINIONS about the mobile game. Below are some words from Nick and the links to many things I talked about!

And now, some words from Nick:

 Animal Crossing is a life simulation game where you get the life you...

Jun 24, 2019

Delve into the mysterious Swordquest contest! Learn about alternate reality games that utilize indies to share secrets across the web~

Jun 3, 2019

This week we take you on a deep dive of Colorado Pinball! We go to the Pinball Expo, take a history tour, and chat about our favorite arcades.